Crossing Minds Data Science Python Library and API client.

Our tools are licensed under the MIT License.



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About Crossing Minds

We are a start-up based in San Francisco & with offices in Paris. We specialize in recommender systems and are currently building a universal recommendation API, allowing anyone to harness the power of recommendations.

Along the way, we developed some useful and efficient tools for general Machine Learning and optimisation, for recommender systems specifically, and some tools for data wrangling. We believe these tools should be for anyone to use, so please feel free to use this library for any of your Machine Learning and data manipulation needs.

Please visit our website if you want to learn more!

Release notes

So far we have released array tools (numpy array, numpy structured array).

We plan on publishing some of our Recommender system tools and utils as well as some Gaussian Processes optimisation tools and Linear Algebra tools, so stay tuned!